Minister: Rev. Tomas Pistora (pronounced

Tomaash Pishtora)999623_10201544013776043_451674255_n

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic (former
Czechoslovakia) & graduated from the Protestant Seminary of

the Charles University in Prague. After seven years in ordained
ministry in Teplice, Czech Republic our family relocated to the

USA, the home of my wife Stacey who is an American. I met
Stacey during my seminary studies in the New York City in the
early 1990s. We have two children, Ben and Emily. My favorite
pastime activities include hiking and camping with the family,
gardening, cooking and spending time with a good book.

Besides being a minister at Trinity I also work as a chaplain

at St. Rita’s Medical center in Lima.


Session (incorporating the Board of Trustees)

Class of 2017              Class of 2018

Vicki Miller                 Sue Buroker    (2nd term)

Janaan Sorgen             Roger Crowe   (2nd term)

Julie Crowe     (2nd term)

Delores Crawford

                                                         Board of Deacons

Class of 2016              Class of 2017              Class of 2018

Sean Galvin                 Anda Tudor                 Emily Pistorova

Alice Downey             Christine Galvin          Stacey Pistorova

                                       Endowment fund board

Class of 2016              Class of 2017              Class of 2017

Terri Downey             Gene James                 Marty Miller

               Treasurer: Roger Crowe         Pledge & Benevolent Treasurer: Delores Crawford

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