The Organ at Trinity recognized by the Organ Historical Society.


The congregants of Trinity United Presbyterian Church on W. Columbus Street in Kenton, are proud of their historic pipe organ, opus 1320 of the Hook & Hastings Organ Company, Boston. Since in-stalled in 1886, the instrument has been in continuous use during church services and remains in excellent condition. This year, thanks to research done by Dr. Marty Miller, the organ was recognized as an historic organ by the Organ Historical Society.


The instrument at Trinity is an excellent example of American pipe organ construction.  The Hook & Hastings opus 1320 was installed in the then 1st Presbyterian Church in 1886 during the tenure of Rev. James Watt.  According to Hook & Hastings literature of that time it is the standard size # 7 with 2 manuals, 18 registers and 525 pipes.  It is entirely tracker

(mechanical) action.  The only modern concession is the electric motor air supply, a ½ hp motor and blower directly below the organ in the basement.


The organ underwent a restoration ca 1960 by Moeller Company of Toledo. No records remain of the project. Speculation has it there were 3 air reservoirs originally with space enough for 2 people to manually operate air pumps simultaneously. The façade pipes were painted brown as was popular at that time. Many Hook & Hastings originally had ornately painted pipes. It is not known for sure if this one did. A subsequent restoration in 1993 by Lima Pipe Organ Company changed the pipes to their current gold color and polished lead Roman mouths. Deteriorated cloth screens were re-placed. Deteriorated wood and leather pieces were replaced. Several interior pipes, damaged from years of repeated tunings, were repaired. All work was aimed at preserving the instrument as original as possible. There have been no major alterations made save electrification of the wind supply. The 1993 project was over-funded by an ‘Adopt-A-Pipe’ program in only 2 weeks! The result is the fine instrument recognized by Organ Historical Society in 2011, the year when Trinity United Presbyterian Church celebrates its 175th anniversary.




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